The truth about lies

The truth about lies

Some somehow-fortunate people won’t need to read this. They have a seventh sense that makes them aware of when someone is lying. It must be so useful to have this lie-instant-detector. You won’t be fooled, you won’t be made fun of, you will likely be a good survivor.

There’s a lot to say about lies. A starting point would be that lies, along with a double articulation language, is one of the main things that makes human beings different from animals (except for primates, ok). They kind of make the human world go round. They are necessary, I guess. Sometimes, somehow.

But most of the times they are just boring. They complicate things, they are the most selfish act, they are harmful, they are bullshit.

Me, I can’t distinguish. Must be a stupid gen I have somewhere. I believe just anything, from aliens in your yard, to that you really missed that bus. I believe because I can’t find the point in lying. After all, it can be weird and extraordinary to find an alien in your yard, but certainly not impossible. And it’s ok if you overslept, and it’s ok if you just didn’t want to take that bus. If you didn’t want to, saying so will prevent you from apologizing another 40 times you didn’t want to either. That thing about pretending is sick. We all find out in the end. But I guess it feels sooo good and powerful to have a bit of info the other one hasn’t. That’s how you win.

I know all this, but as hard as I try, I still can’t manage it properly. Maybe I’m just too stubborn and, like good old Mulder, I want to believe. If you have this same problem, go through the article. If you don’t, it’s interesting anyway (but maybe too much for a friday. I have to get out)


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